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Alexandra Rose

Managing Editor

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Alex Rose holds a B.S. in Biology, a M.S. in Aquatic Biology, and has a wide variety of experience in the biological sciences including, but not limited to, bioacoustics research, exhibit construction, science writing, teaching, public presentation, and aquatic animal husbandry and breeding. Alex is also a professional violinist, photographer, PADI Divemaster, and lover of all things aquatic. She is currently the Managing Editor for OGX, the Science Editor and a principle writer for Ocean Geographic Magazine, and is a free-lance science writer and editor as well. Alex also composes violin pieces for use in ocean themed films and exhibitions. Her driving goal is to find ways to protect our world’s precious marine habitats through diving, writing, photography, education, and research.

Pamela Martin

Promotions Editor

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Pamela Martin is a multi‐award winning international Photo Journalist. From covering dramatic political events in East Timor to capturing the exotic underwater world that lies in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, Pamela has established herself as a creative and much sought after international freelance photographer who prides herself on her creativity and photographic sensitivity.

Pamela is well published in the media with her photo journalistic expertise supporting important editorial and feature stories in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age, The Guardian, The Star, ABC Online and The Irish Times.

Her most recent awards include: Australian Institute of Professional Photography Science and Environment category 2010‐2013 and The United Nations, Biodiversity Competition, Overall Portfolio Winner for 2010 and a Multi‐Award Winning Photographer in Australian Institute of Professional Photography awards.

Pamela currently works as Feature Editor for Ocean Geographic and is a freelance photographer for Getty Images. In this prestigious role she has covered the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections of East Timor and the 2013 Catastrophic Australian Bushfires. Other highlights of her career include working as an official United Nations photographer, covering President Jose Ramos Horta’s last weeks in office and shooting the Presidential Portrait for President Taur Matan Ruak. She has covered a range of stories for Fairfax, Reuters, Australian Associated Press and Ocean Geographic.

Her love of the ocean and diving has seen Pamela specialise in underwater photography documenting the Humpback Whale populations of the South Pacific, the Sperm Whale population of the Azores and Shark populations of the Galapagos and Coco’s Islands. Her expertise in this niche field has seen Pamela’s stills published in Ocean Geographic and videography work published in the David Suzuki Force of nature DVD box set.

Pamela is an active conservationist supporting the development of the Australian Marine Parks, Whale conservation in the Southern Oceans, the protection of Borneo Rainforest, Orangutan Sanctuary and worldwide shark conservation.


EDuFour Headshot

Elise DuFour
“Educate and empower through respect and you will change the world right before your very eyes!”

Growing up in a fishing family in a small town north of Seattle, Elise learned how to gut fish before she could even tie her own shoes. Life was lived outside climbing trees, catching tadpoles, building forts, exploring the San Juan Islands, working on fishing boats and treasure hunting on the shores of Puget Sound. The ocean has always played a vital role in Elise's life. Her love for the ocean has grown exponentially over the years.

With over 30 years working in ocean conservation and education, Elise uses her extensive network to establish strategic partnerships through introductions to key players in those industries. Elise has chosen to strive, through action to manage the slow change that needs to take place to make a difference in the world. To the best of her abilities she uses all the facilities available to her to create partnerships, awareness, advocacy and education through a variety of applications, introductions, projects, events and programs. “Find your passion and follow it!" Elise has found hers and you will always find her somewhere in, on, over, under or around the ocean working tirelessly to make a difference for us and our future on this planet.


MBattles Headshot

Miriam Stein Battles
Photo and Research Editor

As a photo editor specializing in nature, Miriam Stein Battles has worked on magazines, books and websites. Combining her conservation background with her photo professional skills, Miriam has worked for nonprofits such as National Geographic Society, Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy. Miriam enjoys contributing her time to a variety of initiatives and her own photography has been published and exhibited. She is an active member of the American Society of Picture Professionals and the North American Nature Photography Association. She was a founding affiliate to the International League of Conservation Photographers and serves as a board advisor to Sea Save. Miriam has been a certified diver since she was fifteen.
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